About Us

We keep going on the path to being the best-in-class in the sector of management in which we have been serving for a long time. Blending our experience and knowledge of years in the sector, MEC Management gives our sportsmen full support.

MEC Management closely follows the football market in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We do successful business by combining our specialized organizational skills with our knowledge on sports. Thanks to its specialty and experience, MEC Management offers customized performance to its sportsmen.


Please visit our gallery for the photographs of our successful sportsmen who have done their best, made sacrifices and sweated over their profession throughout their careers. The photographs belong to the sportsmen we work with.

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Wesley Sneijder
Samuel Eto'o
Roberto Carlos
Juraj Kucka
Eray Ataseven
Burak Yılmaz
Ricardo Costa


You can see the portfolios of our junior footballers as well as the experienced ones who have set high career targets for themselves and have chosen us, and you contact us to make contact with them.


You can watch videos here, which show the globally renowned footballers’ best moves, goals, dribbles and model behaviors.