Özkan Doğan

He was born in 28 September 1978 in Aksaray. After completing his primary, intermediate and high school, he was graduated from the Rotterdam Sport Marketing Management Department in In-Holland Erasmus University. Later on he did master’s degree in football menegement. He entered the world of football as an intern in Galatasaray Sports Club when Ozhan Canaydin was the President and Bulut Tulun was the Sportive Director. .
Later on he served in Sovasspor as manager in charge of transfer. After 3 years, he established his own management company and started working as an individual football manager. He brought stars such as Roberto Carlos, Vesley Sneijder, Samuel Eto, Mario Gomez to our country.
He was granted the award of The Football Manager of The Year in the referendum made in 2014 – 2015 and 2016.
He is still the manager of many famous football players in our country at the moment.

Metin Korkmaz

He was born in 1969 in Istanbul Kasimpasa. He realized hundreds of transfer during his 26-year management life. In the past, he transferred many football players such as Ridavan Dilmen, Tanju Colak, Ugur Tutuneker, Ertugrul Saglam, Sergen Yalcin, Yusuf Simsek, Sercan Yildirim, Volkan Sen, Mbia, Samuel Eto, Pablo Batalia, Celustka.
He worked with many technical directors such as Yilmaz Vural, Samet Aybaba, Kemal Kilic, Cem Pamiroglu, Sergen Yalcin, Hakan Kutlu and many other football coaches whom we are not able to mention their names.
He entered teh football sector with Ufuk Gezeroglu who is considered by the society to be the first manager, mentor in Turkey and guides many new managers today.

Hakan Korkmaz

F. Okan Üzün

He was born in 1980 in Istanbul. He was graduated from Bahcesehir University Faculty of Communication. He has been giving management and consultancy services since 2008.

Yasin Turan

He was born on 01.09.1985 in Mersin. He is the responsible in charge of DGN Sports Management Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

Ömer Faruk Paksoy

He was born on 10.08.1992. Zhejiang University has completed university education in China. DGN Sports Management is responsible for China.